Assam implements ‘No Vaccine, No Entry’ policy

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To encourage more people to get vaccinated against Covid-19, the Assam government banned unvaccinated people in public places, starting Saturday.

State health department issued the orders, according to which unvaccinated people will not be allowed in public spaces, such as government premises, bars, restaurants, clubs, and wine shops. Only those vaccinated with both doses of the Covid-19 vaccine will be allowed entry to such places.

The district administration and concerned authorities will have to ensure that all guidelines issued by the state government are followed.

As the unvaccinated people continue to be at risk of getting infected and spreading infection, no unvaccinated persons shall be allowed entry into government premises/any other public place other than hospitals without valid vaccination certificates, w.e.f 15th January, 2022 vide order no. ASDMA 28/2021/347 dated 7th January, 2022.

Similarly in hotels, malls and other private establishments, non-vaccinated person(s) shall not be allowed entry. Business establishments shall ensure the same and any violation shall invite hefty penalty, on detection of such violations.

Patients who are unvaccinated or have not taken the 2nd dose despite being due/overdue shall not be provided free treatment facilities, including food expenses in Government Hospitals/CCCs.

All Government servants (contractual and fixed pay) who are unvaccinated or not taken 2nd dose despite being due/ overdue, shall not be allowed to attend office until they are fully vaccinated and shall not be eligible for salary/wages on the principle of no work-no pay.

HCWS/FLWS, who do not take their precautionary booster dose despite being eligible, shall not be allowed to provide services/claim wages/salary.

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