Nagaland’s Green markets celebrate Swachh Diwali

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Since the launch of the ‘Swachh Diwali Shubh Diwali’ campaign by MoHUA, Nagaland, like other states, is actively promoting awareness of an eco-friendly Diwali this year. Beyond individual households, the spirit of cleanliness during Diwali extends to the entire community, with collective efforts ensuring cleanliness in markets, and neighborhoods, fostering a festive ambiance. In alignment with this, the Tuensang Town Council in Nagaland has launched a novel initiative, directing all market shopkeepers to place a green plant near their entrances, symbolizing a commitment to a clean and green Diwali. This thoughtful approach not only contributes to environmental awareness but also encourages a shared responsibility for a sustainable and joyous festival season.

In a concerted effort to curb single-use plastic usage, Nagaland’s markets are championing the ‘Bring Your Own Bag’ concept. Leading this charge, Mangkolemba Town Council has mandated that shops refrain from offering any form of carry bags, including paper bags. Instead, the public is actively encouraged and directed to bring their own bags when shopping. This strategic move aims to reduce plastic waste and instil a culture of environmental responsibility, emphasizing the importance of personal contributions to sustainable practices in daily life. It reflects a community-driven commitment to fostering eco-friendly habits and minimizing the environmental impact of retail activities.

Medziphema Town Council has introduced the ‘RRR – With Incentive’ program. This initiative encourages the public to use the RRR facility, promoting waste segregation and the concept of turning waste into wealth. To generate maximum participation, the town is issuing coupons for those bringing their waste to designated centers, offering rewards such as saplings, ice cream, chocolates, and other items from various stores within Medziphema Town, thereby reinforcing positive environmental practices. Dimapur Municipal Council and Chumukedima Town Council in Nagaland have collaborated with Reliance Trends to reward the top-performing SafaiMitras in the region with gift coupons.

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