Guwahati Jal Board Receives Prestigious Awards for E-Governance Initiative

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Minister for Housing and Urban Affairs Ashok Singhal has congratulated the Guwahati Metropolitan Drinking Water and Sewerage Board (Guwahati Jal Board) for receiving two prestigious awards for its innovative e-governance initiative, the “Web Based Water Supply Connection Registration and Payment System.”

The Guwahati Jal Board was recently honored with the “Awarding Innovation by the Center for Innovation in Public Systems” from the Administrative Staff College of India (ASCI) in Hyderabad. This esteemed award recognizes the board’s significant contribution to enhancing public service delivery through the use of technology. The board’s e-governance initiative was selected from a competitive pool of entries following presentations and rigorous evaluation by a panel of experts.

In addition to the ASCI award, the Guwahati Jal Board has also been selected for the prestigious “SKOCH Award” for its e-governance initiative. This award recognizes the board’s efforts in streamlining consumer management processes through the use of a GIS-integrated portal. The official presentation of the SKOCH Award will take place at the upcoming SKOCH Summit in New Delhi.

Minister Singhal commended the Guwahati Jal Board for its commitment to innovation and excellence in public service delivery. He stated, “The Guwahati Jal Board’s e-governance initiative is a shining example of how technology can be effectively utilized to improve the lives of citizens. This initiative has made it easier and more convenient for residents of Guwahati to access water supply services.”

The Guwahati Jal Board’s e-governance initiative has been instrumental in enhancing transparency, efficiency, and citizen engagement in the water supply sector. The web-based platform has simplified the process of applying for new water connections, making payments, and tracking the status of applications. This has resulted in significant time savings and improved customer satisfaction.

The Guwahati Jal Board’s recognition with these prestigious awards underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to providing quality public services to the citizens of Guwahati.

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