Guwahati Police apprehends a gang of car robbers in Geetanagar

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The Guwahati Police on Monday has arrested a gang of car thieves in Geetanagar. In raid conducted by the Geetanagar Police these robbers were arrested . The arrested thieves have been identified as Mandeep Das, Dhurbo Jyoti Das, Debajit Bhattacharya, Deep Roy, Premjit Singh, Sanjit Singh and Kamal Sarma.

The Police has revealed that all the arrested are from different places of Assam and have been invovled in various car robberies.

The Police has also said that the thief gang had connection with international car smugglers and robbers. The Guwahati Police has also suspected that some section of Police were also involved with this gang and the initial investigation regarding the case is going on.

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