GTAC Tea Lounge becomes most popular stall in ITF, Delhi

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Guwahati Tea Auction Center Tea Lounge has become one of the most popular stall at the International Trade Fair held in Delhi and is attracting huge crowd of tea lovers who are very excited to drink the best quality brew of pure Assam CTC , Orthodox and Green Tea.

The GTAC Tea Lounge stall is also very popular for its Single Origin Pure Assam Tea Packets sale. People are finding it very unique that for the first time GTAC has participated in an International Trade fair to give the people of India a hands on experience of tasting and buying Pure Assam Tea and that Big names from the Tea Industry are themselves brewing and serving tea to the visitors.

This is all part of GTAC efforts to promote Assam Tea amongst the people of India.

Today Assam Industry minister sri Bimal Borahji today visited Today Assam pavilion at Pragati madan New Delhi, and appreciate GTAC Tea lounge Effort to Promote Assam Tea. He also happy to Seeing heavy crowd at GTAC Tea lounge.

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