Assam Embarks on Urban Planning Renaissance

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Launch of a ‘Knowledge Hub’ and plans for ‘Assam Institute of Urban Affairs’

In a significant stride towards modernizing urban planning practices, Housing and Urban Affairs Minister Ashok Singhal has unveiled a comprehensive plan to establish a ‘Knowledge Hub’ and an ‘Assam Institute of Urban Affairs’ in the state. These initiatives are set to bring the latest urban planning concepts and expertise to Assam, transforming the landscape of urban development.

Under the visionary leadership of Minister Ashok Singhal, the Urban Planning Cell of the Directorate of Town and Country Planning has been revitalized to propel revolutionary changes in urban planning methodologies. As a pioneering move, the cell has introduced a state-of-the-art GIS Geo Hub that harnesses cutting-edge geographical information systems for urban mapping. This technology-driven approach is revolutionizing the mapping of urban areas across the state.

The Urban Planning Cell is now gearing up to launch the ‘Knowledge Hub,’ aimed at fostering the exchange of innovative ideas and advanced technologies in the realm of urban planning. This hub will engage experts not only from within the state but also from other successful urban planning models such as Gujarat and Telangana. By channeling their expertise, the ‘Knowledge Hub’ is set to ignite transformative urban planning schemes tailored to Assam’s unique context.

In a move that mirrors the esteemed National Institute of Urban Affairs in New Delhi, the Assam Institute of Urban Affairs is on the horizon. Mirroring the success of the Assam Administrative Staff College, this institute will focus on training and skill enhancement. The pivotal objective of the proposed institute is to elevate the proficiency of officers within the Urban Affairs Department, elected representatives, and municipal officials. Through specialized training, participants will be equipped to navigate the latest technological trends and challenges in urban planning.

Minister Ashok Singhal chaired a pivotal meeting with the Directorate of Town and Country Planning at Janata Bhawan yesterday, where he deliberated on key issues and issued directives to drive these ambitious initiatives forward. The state government’s commitment to innovation and progress in urban planning is poised to reshape Assam’s urban landscape and improve the quality of life for its citizens.

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