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For the first time in the Assamese television world, an out-and-out international travel series will be presented to you every Saturday night at 10pm. The name of the series is London Diary. The series will explore different parts of the United Kingdom, and show places that are known as landmarks but also incredible places that are not known to tourists. The series will be a visual treat with stories and history attached to each place. Many colonial connections with India will also be presented. How did East India Company start, their headquarters in London, strategies they used to bring the best goods from India at the cheapest prices, the ships they used to bring goods from India, the spices, the Assam tea that they brought back to the UK, how they became the largest corporation in the UK and the biggest supplier of tea in the world – the stories will be told from the places where these events happened.

Kohinoor Hira is known as the world’s most precious diamond. This diamond was mined at the Kollur mine in Andhra Pradesh, India. It was unfairly ceded to Queen Victoria in 1851, the Queen of Britain at the time. Even today Kohinoor Hira is displayed at the Tower of London, a precious diamond that was acquired unlawfully from India. Get to see Kohinoor Hira up and close in the new London Diary TV series.

Assam’s Brindavani Bastra reached British Museum in the year 1904. Brindavani Bastra is a drape woven by Assamese weavers led by Mathuradas Burha Aata during the 16th century under the guidance of Srimanta Sankardeva. Learn how Brindavani Bastra made its way to British Museum and the ways the textile is preserved by the preservation team.

Did you know that if the total looted items from India by Britishers were to compare in value, it would be about $45 trillion. Get to know more about these items, see them for yourself in the series.

You know about Oxford University and Cambridge University as one of the top universities of the world, but have you seen their colleges from inside, their dining halls, and the rituals these colleges have been following for decades? Get to know these all not just through stories but visually to give you the experience of personally being there.

The United Kingdom is known for its royal family and that’s the legacy the country still carries. From Queen’s residence Buckingham Palace to the residence of UK’s Prime Minister Rishi Sunak, take a royal tour with the series and see, and hear stories of monarchy that have been prevalent in the United Kingdom for over 1200 years.

Trace the places where the bombing happened during World War II, the ruins from the wars, the devastations that happened from the Great Fire of London, and the ruins from the 2000-year-old Roman empire. UK is known for preserving the past but what makes the country charming is the beautiful blend of old and new. The new markets, quirky culture, and artisan trends in the current UK are equally endearing and London Diary captures it all to give the real London vibe. The series covers everything that the country has to offer, from vibrant beaches to beautiful quintessential British villages.

Curated and presented by Hiramoni Sarma, the London Diary series will air every Saturday at 10pm on NKTV, a series that promises to entertain viewers with great visuals, sights, insights and history.

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