VCAA felicitates Devajit Saikia on being appointed as Advocate General of Assam

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The Veteran Cricket Association of Assam ( VCAA) on Sunday felicitated Devajit Saikia, secretary, Assam Cricket Association on being appointed as the 18th Advocate General of Assam in presence of Naba Konwar, President, Veteran Cricket Association of Assam Pranab Sharma, working president of VCAA, Nasir Gul Khan, General Secretary,VCAA and others.

On behalf of Veteran Cricket Association of Assam, Nasir Gul Khan, General Secretary, VCAA extended heartiest congratulations to Devajit Saikia for being appointed to the much coveted position of the Advocate General Govt of Assam he, at the same breath, said that with Devajit Saikia at the helm of Assam Cricket Association as its Secretary, the organisation has found a new lease of life, which has found an expression in the series of cricket infrastructure development projects undertaken by Assam Cricket Association across the state under his leadership. He also lauded Devajit Saikia’s effort and initiative in making Assam Cricket Association bear the medical expenses of several former and current cricket players of Assam.

Underscoring the policy of zero tolerance for corruption adopted by Assam Cricket Association under the leadership of Devajit Saikia, he added that ever since Saikia had assumed the role of the Secretary of Assam Cricket Association, he managed to keep the organization free from even the slightest trace of corruption. Meanwhile, Devajit Saikia in his speech, expressed his gratitude to the Veteran Cricket Association of Assam for such a gesture.

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