Trailer launch of much-awaited Assamese film ‘Jiya’

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The extended trailer of Assamese feature film ‘Jiya’, directed by Kenny Basumatary and produced by Sarmistha Chakravorty, was released on May 1.

The much-anticipated award-winning feature film ‘Jiya’ will release across theatres in Assam on May 17. The film was adjudged Best Film at the Prag Cine Awards this year besides winning three other awards for Best Screenplay and Dialogue (Kenny Basumatary & Sarmistha Chakravorty), Best Singer Male (Angarag Papon Mahanta) and Best Background Score (Ambar Das).

‘Jiya’ is filmmaker Kenny Basumatary’s first ‘serious, but not boring’ film.

Written and produced by Sarmistha Chakravorty, ‘Jiya’ is about the journey of a resilient young woman named Jiya, played by Sarmistha. Escaping the clutches of an abusive marriage, she navigates the challenges of single motherhood alongside her young daughter Nupur (Aradhya Mahanta). Battling societal scrutiny, Jiya shields her vulnerabilities behind a mask of strength. Amid this turmoil, Pallavi (Eepsita Hazarika) emerges as a steadfast friend and guide, offering unwavering support. Departing from a toxic job, Jiya finds solace in Pallavi’s workplace, where she crosses paths with the courteous Abhi (Reeky Sharma). What unfolds next in Jiya’s narrative?

The interesting trailer, edited by Protim Khaound, unveils Jiya’s daily struggles besides establishing how Pallavi has been a pillar of support for her friend. It also aptly highlights Kenny Basumatary’s signature comic treatment weaved around a serious subject while establishing the fact that the ‘serious’ film will definitely be interesting for the audience.

“Everyone will be able to associate themselves with this film. ‘Jiya’ is not just Jiya’s story – but the story of every woman, every mother. From her daily struggles to how she manages to hold herself and put on a strong face, the film is a tribute to every woman,” said writer, producer and actor Sarmistha Chakravorty.

Director Kenny Basumatary, who earlier described ‘Jiya’ as his first ‘serious, but definitely not a boring’ film, said that he looks forward to see the audience’s reaction on May 17. “We created a very beautiful film and now we wait for May 17 when the cinema lovers will have their say. I am sure they will love the work put in by the whole cast and the crew,” he said.

‘Jiya’ will be released across theatres in Assam on May 17, 2024.

The music of the film has already gathered thousands of hits with one of the songs already winning the Best Singer award for Papon at the Prag Cine Awards. The soundtrack boasts a rich blend of emotions and melodies, offering a glimpse into the soul of the film. ‘Xopun Xopun Loga’ featuring the mesmerizing vocals of Papon and Sarmistha Chakravorty, and ‘Ei Xadhu’, a composition sung by Shankuraj Konwar and Sarmistha Chakravorty, are already hits among listeners.

Other notable tracks include ‘Nuphuta Junak’, a soulful rendition by Maitrayee Patar, and ‘Kothabur Jodi Hool Hoy’, a poignant composition voiced by Eepsita Hazarika and Sarmistha Chakravorty. The soundtrack is further elevated by the ethereal track ‘Udong Bukut’, featuring the enchanting vocals of Sarmistha Chakravorty.

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