State Review Meeting Highlights Progress In Malaria in Arunachal

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The State Review Meeting on vector-borne diseases was organized by the National Center for Vector Borne Diseases Control (NCVBDC), State Health Society, Arunachal Pradesh, at Hotel Dhassang, Naharlagun from 12th to 14th February 2024. Dr. L.S Singh, Senior Regional Director (MoHFW), Shillong; Marge Sora, APCS (MD NHM); Dr.R. Rina (Jt. DHS) Cum DHS Incharge; Dr W Lama, Jt DHS (NCVBDC), along with Dr. K.T Mulung, DDHS-cum-SPO (NCVBDC); District Programme Officer; State Consultants; and District Consultants. Dr. K.T. Mulung, SPO, NCVBDC, provided an overview, highlighting that 14 out of 25 districts are eligible for Malaria-free certification. Marge Sora, APCS (MD NHM), praised all the staff for the decrease in malaria cases in the state, attributing it to continuous efforts from the department. He urged staff to pay special attention to border areas as they are the most vulnerable. MD NHM expressed a desire for Arunachal Pradesh to be the first state to achieve Malaria-free status in the country. Dr. R. Rina (Jt. DHS) Cum DHS Incharge congratulated all staff for the decrease in malaria cases and hoped that by 2027, Arunachal Pradesh could eliminate malaria.

He emphasized the need for caution, recalling how malaria resurged during his medical college days and urged the department to be more careful. Dr. L.S Singh, Senior Regional Director (MoHFW), Shillong, emphasized the importance of strengthening the “3T” approach – Test, Treat, Track – to eliminate malaria from the state. He advised proper documentation for successful malaria elimination certification and maintaining an Annual Blood Examination Rate(ABER). In the SRM the status of vector-borne diseases Malaria, Dengue, and Japanese encephalitis in the state. The Malaria free certification was also discussed in the meeting. The department also organized the Vector Borne IEC Creative Competition. The competition aimed to enhance understanding of IEC BCC content tailored to the specific needs of each area. West Siang, Namsai, and Lower Subansiri for secured the 1st, 2nd, and 3rd prizes respectively. Additionally, appreciation certificates were awarded to all participating districts.

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