Record breaking tourist footfall in Kaziranga National Park

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Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve (KNPTR) experienced a significant upsurge in tourist footfall this year. Renowned for its breathtaking landscapes, rich biodiversity, and iconic inhabitants like the one-horned rhinoceros, Kaziranga has emerged as a top-choice destination for families and wildlife enthusiasts. This year has recorded the highest number of visitors for the Park since its inception.  

 Table 1: No of Tourist and Tourist Revenue under Kaziranga National Park & Tiger Reserve
YearIndianForeignerTotalRevenue (INR)

KNPTR comprises of 3 administrative Divisions viz. Eastern Assam Wildlife Division, Bishwanath Wildlife Division and Nagaon Wildlife Division. Tourism in all the 3 divisions have increased indicating the popularity of non-conventional tourism sites.  

Table 2: Division-wise tourism data in the last 2 years under KNPTR
 VisitorsRevenue (INR)
Name of Division2022-232023-242022-232023-24
Eastern Assam Wildlife Division3,10,4583,20,961      8,15,79,8538,59,48,351
Nagaon Wildlife Division2,6103,4842,54,1056,24,000
Bishwanath Wildlife Division1,7283,04815,51,52516,11,810

The key attractions during the tourism season that re-opened post monsoon in mid-Oct 2023 were the Jungle safari and elephant safari options. Added opportunities for a cycling trail in Karbi-Anglong, trekking routes in Panbari forest range and Chirang added to the attractions. Choran-Ahem (Karbi) and Ajun Ukum (Mising) ethnic restaurants led by community representatives have gained popularity, whereas Bwisag-Na (Bodo), a women-led restaurant at Burachapori also made modest beginnings. New routes under Boat safari for dolphin watching and the Panpur and Burachapori jeep and cycling safari circuits were also made operational this year.

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