Modern English School Celebrates Earth Day

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Modern English School, Kahilipara, marked the occasion of Earth Day with fervor and purpose, orchestrating a series of engaging activities within their campus. These included art, poster making, and article writing contests, tailored to different age groups ranging from class 1 to 12. Notably, the participation of over 900 students underscored the enthusiastic response from the school community.

With a history of organizing similar events, the school demonstrated a commitment to fostering environmental consciousness among its students. Through platforms such as the art competition, poster making, and article writing contests, the institution aimed to instill awareness about the pressing environmental issues confronting our planet. Such initiatives serve to catalyze proactive measures and collective endeavors towards addressing these challenges.

Under the overarching theme of “Planet vs. Plastics,” Earth Day 2024 resonated with a call to action, urging concerted efforts to mitigate the impact of plastic pollution on our ecosystems, combat climate change, and safeguard biodiversity. Through these initiatives, Modern English School reaffirmed its dedication to nurturing socially responsible individuals equipped to contribute meaningfully to global environmental sustainability efforts.

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