Minister Singhal leads inspection to address artificial flood issues in Guwahati


Minister of Housing and Urban Affairs Ashok Singhal, accompanied by senior officials including the District Commissioner and representatives from various departments, conducted a comprehensive inspection of areas affected by artificial floods in Guwahati today. The tour covered multiple locations including Rukminigaon, Downtown, Sarumataria, the Oil India Pipeline vicinity, the Income Tax Office area, Gurudwara in Bashishta Chariali, Dispur Last Gate, the vicinity of Ganesh Temple in Ganeshguri and others, where he observed firsthand the impact of recent flooding.

During the inspection, Minister Singhal highlighted concerns over illegal constructions such as walls and residential sidewalks that have encroached upon riverbanks, exacerbating flood risks. He instructed authorities to take immediate action against such violations to restore the natural flow of waterways.

Addressing the media, Minister Singhal attributed the increased flooding to excess water from the Khanapara area, which diverts into the Bahini river, eventually overwhelming the city’s drainage systems. He emphasized the need for proactive measures to clear debris from rivers and sewers, underscoring the role of civic responsibility in maintaining cleanliness.

In response to the critical flood situation in Rukminigaon, Minister Singhal convened a special meeting at Janata Bhawan with local representatives. He listened attentively to community concerns and solicited input on identifying root causes and sustainable solutions to prevent future flooding in the area. A committee comprising Guwahati Municipal Corporation officials, GMDA, Public Works Department, Water Resources Department, District Administration and local residents was formed under the leadership of Guwahati Municipal Corporation Joint Commissioner Mrinal Bora. This committee is tasked with conducting a detailed survey, recommending short-term and long-term flood mitigation strategies and submitting its findings within 10 days.

Secretary of the Housing and Urban Affairs Department, Pabitra Ram Khaund and other top officials also participated in the deliberations, underscoring the government’s commitment to resolving the artificial flood crisis in Guwahati.

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