Kuldeep Chana, the Sardar who stood up for NE people dies of Covid-19

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Kuldeep Chana, the founding member of Helping Hands, also the incharge of Punjabi Bagh crematorium, die hard lover of hilly people from Northeastern states have succumbed to Covid-19. Late Kuldeep Chana was the one who mobilized rations during last lock down for stranded NE people, who donated several times blood for NE Blood Bank, who always stood with NE people in crisis during late Nido Tania gruesome killing, cold blood killing of late Salouni from Manipur, mass exodus of Northeastern people in Bangalore.

As a Incharge of Crematorium Punjabi Bagh , he cremenated 750 dead bodies in his life time with religious fervour, always reassuring weeping left loved ones. He started cremation as Incharge of Punjabi Bagh Crematorium in 2007, when i was DCP West .

Robin Hibu, President of the Helping Hands, Delhi said “Still i vividly remembered, how he lovingly cremenated late Bina Lakshmi from Manipur abandoned female from Manipur,how he collected ashti for our Volunteer for immersion at Yamuna next morning,how he without hesitation, he volunteered last year during covid crisis to do the cremenation of covid dead bodies, i will never forget how, he honourably cremenated our sister from Gohpur Assam who died of covid at Safdarjung Hospital with United Sikhs, who with our volunteers pick up the dead bodies for last rite, the last cremation he did was to our beloved manipur young man late Sanasam Samsun Singh, who died of covid at DRDO covid centre recently.”

He also further added “grateful NE people in Delhi could only honour him with a certificate and Naga Shawl and Letter of Appreciation during Helping Hands thanksgiving function. Today I am shattered as I have lost another unflinching selfless Angel, after painful untimely death of Deoraj Gurung, who was Incharge of Helping Hands Ration Control Room last year during lockdown. Sardar Kuldeep Chana had dreamt to visit Cherapunji, Loktak Lake, Horn Bill festival, to meet his favorite hilly musicians Guru Reuben Singh and Alobo Naga.”

Northeastern people in Delhi NCR will never forget this unique Sardar who loved NE people so much who have now left for heavenly abode.

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