IPS Anand Mishra’s image is synthetic and media generated: BJP leader Ramen Deka

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Guwahati, June 07 (NKTV): Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) leader Ramen Deka on Monday made a shocking statement on Nagaon SP Anand Mishra  who won the hearts of people in Dhubri during his tenure as SP in the district. Deka said that the image of Mishra is synthetic and media generated.

“The image of the present SP, Nagaon is synthetic and media generated. A proper enquiry of his tenure as Dhubri SP is required and it will reveal many things. NIA investigation is the need of the hour,” the BJP leader Ramen Deka said in a tweet.

Anand Mishra, former superintendent of Dhubri police, has been transferred as Nagaon police chief, in a major police reshuffle days within Himanta Biswa Sarma took charge as chief minister of Assam. The citizens of Dhubri have given an emotional farewell to their favorite SP Mishra as hundreds of locals joined him in front of his residence and various junctions as he left for Nagaon in May.

In live streaming on the “Fans of Dhubri” page on Facebook the love and craze for Mishra, among youths, was evident. Youths crying, requesting him to stay back, felicitating Mishra with Asomiya Gamosa, asking him for autograph and clicking selfies were some emotional moments captured in the video, rare scenes seen in real life and replicating a scene from the famous film Gangajal. But questions of his being honest and sincere arouse after the present Dhubri Deputy SP Jatin Das has been arrested for his alleged nexus with smugglers in the district.

Questions arise as to how can a deputy SP could continue his nexus with smugglers after a SP like Anand Mishra who won hearts of people for his good work. SP Mishra is known for being approachable, supportive, pro-active and for the development work he was doing as SP Dhubri.

People of Dhubri loved him as he was always there for him and listened and cared for every issue or complaint they had. The proof of this can be seen in videos (shared by Fans of Dhubri and others) that have gone viral of people turning up in large numbers to thank him.

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