Indian Navy rescues 23 Pakistani nationals from Somali pirates in Arabian Sea

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Indian Navy rescued 23 Pakistani nationals from Somali pirates during a 12-hour-long operation in the Arabian Sea. Utilising their tactical expertise and strategic coordination, Indian naval forces initiated negotiations with the pirates, compelling them to surrender without bloodshed. The surrender marked a decisive victory for the Indian Navy in combating piracy and ensuring the safety of maritime activities in the region.

Earlier, based on the inputs on a potential piracy incident onboard Iranian Fishing Vessel ‘Al Kambar 786’ on the 28th of March, two  Indian Naval ships, INS Sumedha and INS Trishul deployed in Arabian Sea for maritime security operations were diverted to intercept the hijacked fishing vessel. The Fishing Vessel at the time of incident was approximately 90 km South West of Socotra.

Indian Naval specialist teams are presently undertaking thorough sanitisation and seaworthiness checks of the Fishing Vessel to escort her to a safe area for resuming normal fishing activities.

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