HSLC, HS Exam | Q. papers to be different for boys & girls

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Preparation for conduct of matriculation exam begins. This is the first time that the state will conduct the examinations by the department of disaster management. The department of education and health will help the department in conducting the examination.

The Chief Minister is prepared to outline the examination at the very least at the meeting. But how will the matriculation test be conducted?

  • Four exams to be held in four days.
  • Exams in English, Mathematics, Science and Sociology.
  • The total marks of each subject will be 25.
  • MIL or additional subjects not to be in the exam.
  • Question papers will be different for boys and girls for the first time.
  • This is a measure to protect against the transmission of the Covid.
  • This information was made by a source in the Chief minister’s office.

The department of disaster management will also conduct higher secondary examinations. Examinations in Physics, Chemistry as well as Mathematics and Biology will be held. Mathematics exam should be given if you want to take engineering course. Biology exams have to be given to take medical courses.

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