Free Cancer Awareness and Medical Camp held in Guwahati

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Free cancer awareness and medical camp was held in Guwahati with support from Rotary Club Guwahati Luit, Chetna Ladies Club, and Lymphoma Support Group. Renowned Doctors of Fortis Healthcare were present on the occasion.

Lymphoma Support Group of India, an organization of cancer survivors, has taken proactive steps to raise cancer awareness and inspire hope among patients through their motto, ‘Jaanoge to Jeetoge’ (Knowledge is Victory). Partnering with distinguished doctors from Fortis Healthcare in Delhi, the Lymphoma Support Group organised a free cancer awareness and medical camp at Lion Eyes Hospital in Guwahati.

Dr. Rahul Bhargava, a renowned oncology specialist from Fortis Healthcare, was key contributor to the camp, educating attendees about the critical importance of early cancer detection and the potential for complete cure, even in advanced stages of the disease. “Cancer is not a death sentence. With prompt and appropriate treatment, we can overcome this disease,” emphasized Dr. Rahul Bhargava. During the camp, Ms. Kausar Kidwai, Assistant Vice President of Karkinos Healthcare also presented on cervical cancer, providing valuable insights into the symptoms and treatment of this particular cancer type.

Recent figures released by reputable sources have highlighted a concerning trend in cancer cases in the Northeast region of India. According to health experts, around 45,200 new cancer cases are diagnosed every year in the Northeast, with Assam alone contributing to 34,076 cases. The higher incidence of cancer in the Northeast is believed to be linked to increased tobacco consumption among adolescents and youths in the region. These statistics emphasize the urgent need for increased cancer awareness and timely access to proper medical care.

The camp aimed to offer free check-ups to cancer patients and the general public, aiming to ease the burden of long queues and limited accessibility often faced by patients when seeking medical care. The local community has expressed gratitude and satisfaction for the opportunity to receive medical attention in their vicinity.

Dr. Shamim Khan, a member of the Lymphoma Support Group of India and a triumphant cancer survivor, underlined the significance of appropriate treatment and maintaining a positive outlook during the battle against cancer. “We urge cancer patients to seek the right treatment and surround themselves with positivity and support. Courage and determination are crucial in defeating this disease,” said Dr. Shamim Khan.

The camp’s success was further amplified by the strong support from Rotary Club Guwahati Luit, Chetna Ladies Club, and the local community.

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