Election Commission Keeps Close Eye On Election Process Through The CVIGIL App

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The Election Commission is keeping a close eye on the election process through the cVIGIL app. It is a single app for recording, reporting and resolving violations of model code of conduct. Through this app, online complaints regarding violations of model code of conduct can be made by capturing photos, videos etc.

The cVIGIL app of Election Commission has become an effective tool in the hands of people to flag election code violations. The citizens can report Model Code of Conduct and expenditure violations through this app. Chief Election Commissioner Rajiv kumar said that the cVIGIL empowers citizens to report model code of conduct violations and assured action within 100 minutes.

cVIGIL is user-friendly and easy to operate application, which connects vigilant citizens with District Control Room, Returning Officer and Flying Squads Teams. By using this app, the citizens can immediately report on incidents of political misconduct within minutes and without having to rush to the office of the returning officer. As soon as the complaint is sent on the cVigil app, the complainant will receive a unique ID through which the persons will be able to track the complaint on their mobile. 

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