Crime In India 2022 Report (NCRB) & Assam’s Performance

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Talking Points for Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma

  • As regards law& order maintenance and crime situation, Assam is in the news for good reasons in the national reports for its TREMEDOUS IMPORVEMENT IN SUCH A SHORT TIME.
  • Recently NCRB – National Crime Records Bureau, under Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, published its report, CRIME IN INDIA 2022.
  • NCRB was set-up in 1986 and is responsible for collecting and analyzing crime data as defined by the Indian Penal Code (IPC) and Special and local Laws (SLL).
  • You will be happy to know, as reflected in the 2022 figures of NCRB,about the significant progress made by Assamin law and order and crime situation.During this press conference, we want to give you a flavour of the State’s remarkable progress.
  • But, we are also aware that there is a long way for Assam to move up as one of the top States by improving the crime situation given its legacy of more than six decades.
  • This mission for improving image of Assamwill continue. This Mission is for giving the people of Assam the very best- young and old, women and children, common man and business man, and each and every citizen of the State. This will continue based on the foundation of the work that has been done during the last two years. This Mission is as part of the vision of our beloved Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi- Sabka Saath, Sabkaa Vikas, Sabkaa Viswas and Sabkaaprayas.
  • Before we give you a detailed presentation on the 2022 report of NRCB, let me briefly highlight some important areas- most of these parameters have improved more than half in one year, that is compared to what they were in 2021 :
  • Crime Rate (per lac population) reported in 2022 in Assam is 194.2 (against 341 in 2021). The national crime rate is 407.6.
  • Total crimes reported in the state in 2022 {IPC and Special and Local Laws(SLL) crimes} is 68,937 compared to 133,239 crimes reported in 2021. This reflects a significant reduction, by almost half (about 48%).
  • Violent Crime reported in the state in 2022 is 14314 which was reduced by almost half (about 47%) as compared to 26933 crimes reported in 2021(Crimes include Murder, Culpable Homicide not amounting to Murder, Infanticide, Foeticide Dowry Deaths, Attempt to Commit Murder, Attempt to Commit Culpable Homicide, Grievous Hurt). After a long period Assam is not amongst the top five states in respect of crimes against women.
  • Kidnapping & Abduction crimes reported in 2022 is 4560 which shows significant reduction as compared to 7580 reported in 2021: reduced by 40% (Such crimes include crime against Child Victims, Adult Victims).
  • Percentage of Property Stolen vis-a-vis Percentage Recovery reported in 2022 is 54.8% which shows significant increase as compared to 24.8% reported in 2021. So, in more than half of the cases, we could recover stolen property in 2022 and is something very impressive.
  • Crime against women reported in 2022 is 14148, which shows significant improvement as compared to 29046 Crimes reported in 2021. This is again reduced by more than half (51%).  (Inclusive  of crimes against women such as Murder with Rape/Gang Rape, Dowry Deaths, Abetment to Suicide of Women, Miscarriage, Acid Attack, Attempt to Acid Attack, Cruelty by Husband or his relatives).
  • Crime against children reported in 2022 is 4084 which reflects significant reduction, compared to 5282 Crime reported in 2021 (down by 23%) (Murder, Murder with Rape/POCSO, Abetment of Suicide of Child, Attempt to Commit Murder, Infanticide, Foeticide, etc).
  • Human Trafficking Cases reported in 2022 is 140 which was reduced by one-third (31%) from 203 cases in 2021.
  • Murder reported in 2022 is 1072 which reflects a significant reduction as compared to 1192 reported in 2021(Reasons for murder include Gain, Personal Vendetta or Enmity, Dowry, Witchcraft, Child/Human Sacrifice, Communal/Religious, Casteism, Class Conflict, For Political Reason, Honour Killing, Love Affairs, Illicit Relationship, Extremism/ Insurgency, during Dacoity/ Robbery). Reduced by 10%.
  • Economic Offences reported in 2022 is 5580, which shows significant reduction compared to 11809, reported in 2021. This is also reduced by more than half (53%).
  • Action against corruption and corrupt officials in Assam is clearly visible in NCRB released data as cases under Prevention of Corruption Act & related Sections of IPC reported in 2022 is 57, which reflects significant increase compared to 16 reported in 2021. If you see the current year figures for 2023, the numbers are of huge improvement- 104 (87 trap cases) till 30 Nov 2023.
  • Offences against State reported in 2022 is 298 which reflects significant reduction as compared to 333 reported in 2020.
  • Environment Related Offences reported in 2022 is 77. This was down by 29% from 125 cases in 2020.
  • Conviction rate for IPC crimes reported in 2022 is 13.56 which shows significant increase as compared to 6.13 reported in 2021. The current conviction rate is 15.80 and continuously improving. Here, we have been taking a series of measures including creation of Directorate of Prosecution and regular prosecution service cadre. We expect huge improvement in this very soon.


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