Assamese Film Industry Makes Strides with Hindi-Language Venture, feature film Kooki set to release nationally

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Critically acclaimed Hindi film Kooki is all set to release nationally on 28th of June 2024, the film has touched a sensitive topic and narrating a journey of a rape victim. Directed by Pranab J Deka the movie shows multiple stages and mental trauma a victim goes through.

In a bold move to showcase the rich cultural tapestry and cinematic talent of Assam, the Assamese film industry has embarked on a pioneering journey with its latest Hindi-language production. This decision, rooted in a desire to reach a broader audience and gain national recognition, marks a significant milestone in the industry’s evolution.

The decision to produce a Hindi-language film stems from the industry’s ambition to break regional barriers and showcase the unique narratives and filmmaking prowess of Assamese filmmakers on a pan-India platform. By opting for Hindi, a language widely understood across the country, the industry aims to resonate with a diverse audience and create a lasting impact.

Speaking about this strategic shift, Dr Junmoni Devi Khound producer, director Pranab J Deka and team highlighted the importance of reaching out to a larger audience. “Our goal is to demonstrate the depth and diversity of Assamese cinema to audiences beyond our region. Hindi, as a national language, provides us with a platform to showcase our storytelling heritage and technical expertise to a wider spectrum of viewers,”

The move to produce a Hindi-language film is not merely a commercial venture but a strategic step towards positioning Assamese cinema on the national stage. It reflects the industry’s aspirations to garner wider recognition, attract investments, and pave the way for future collaborations with stakeholders across the Indian film landscape.

The production of this Hindi-language film is a testament to the collaborative efforts of the Assamese film industry, with a remarkable 98% of the crew hailing from Assam. This endeavor not only highlights the industry’s talent pool but also serves as a learning experience, fostering cross-cultural exchanges and skill development among the crew members. The film has actors, singers, musician from both regional and national level with big names from the industry.

As the film prepares for release, anticipation and excitement are palpable among audiences and industry enthusiasts alike. It is hoped that this endeavor will not only entertain but also serve as a catalyst for the burgeoning Assamese film industry, propelling it towards greater heights of success and recognition on both regional and national fronts.

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